Almond milk’s popularity has risen exponentially in recent years. We see them in lattes, cereals and of course on their own. A lot of the times, the packaged almond milk we find in supermarkets have been heated to a very high temperature and thus leaving a very thick taste. Although we wouldn’t make almond milk on a regular bases, the health benefits, freshness and comfort they bring are truly rewarding for an occasional rejuvenation. Here we used blueberries to naturally up the sweetness. You can use any other fruits such as strawberries or raspberry. You can also add vanilla beans to gently fragrant them.

Almonds 200g
Water 400ml
Blueberries 150g

Soak almonds overnight with enough water to cover them.

Next day, drain almonds and place in a powerful blender with 400ml water. Blitz until fine. It should look like a thick runny paste, add more water for a runnier milk.

Transfer contents over a muslin cloth, cheesecloth or a sieve with very fine mesh. Squash contents onto a bowl where a silvery almond milk will begin to drip. Once done, throw away remainder and place almond milk back in the blender with blueberries. Blitz until fine before transferring onto a serving glass.

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